Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to contact us regarding usage?

    There is no need to contact us unless it falls under any of the prohibited items.

  • Can I process and use it?

    Processing for sales purposes is prohibited, but there is no problem with processing for use in websites, videos, and printed materials.

  • Can I use it in my app or site?

    There is no problem with redistribution or use for purposes other than icon sales.

  • Can I use the logo to trademark it?

    Registration of trademarks is prohibited because other people will not be able to use them.
    There is a charge, but if you contact us from Contact, we will create a logo or icon.

  • Is it free for commercial use?

    You don't need to contact us and can use it for free. We also provide links using img tags, so there is no need to contact us about that.

  • Can I use a direct link to the material?

    Basically, there is no problem even if you use a direct link or other posted links. Sending a large number of requests from the server side is prohibited.

  • Can I use it as a video material?

    yes. Please feel free to use it.

  • What file formats are available for download?

    "SVG", "JPEG" and "PNG" are available.