About license

Regarding the use of icon materials stocked in "ICON MASTER",

Basically, it is free (free) without the need for contact, and as a design material for websites and DTP-based paper media,

In addition, it can be used as business materials such as PowerPoint and Excel materials.

Prohibited matter

Use for the following purposes is prohibited.

  • It is prohibited to redistribute the materials posted on "ICON MASTER" on the website, CD, etc., regardless of whether it is free or paid.
    It is also prohibited to use the material as a material for generators such as icons and font creation.
  • It is prohibited to sell the material itself or the modified material on the material sales site.
  • It is prohibited to acquire a trademark using the data downloaded from "ICON MASTER".
  • Use of our icons on pornographic or sexual sites is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use the icon of this site when attacking others on your own site or SNS.
  • Acts such as excessive scraping are prohibited as they may overload the server.